The gameplay of "Grace" mainly consists of killing evil aliens - "The Slithering" - that attempt to take over the world. The player moves the main character on a grid-based map and needs to carefully plan her/his use of action points and strategic covers.


At the end of each level, the player is rewarded with an upgrade of her/his choice - health, damage or action points.


  • Single player turn-based strategy game
  • Created in 8 weeks - at 50% (4 hours/day).
  • Using custom in-house engine
  • Approximately 20 minutes of game time

My Contributions

  • Game Design
  • Created six levels in the Tiled Editor
  • Balanced player stats, abilities and talents
  • Balanced enemy abilities, stats and movement
  • Wrote story for the game
  • Created placeholders sprites for the modular tileset
  • Assisted my team as SCRUM Master

The Team