The gameplay of Ethereal is based around exploring various dreamy environments and immersing oneself into the story. Throughout the levels of the game, the player can find various items, which can be combined and used to solve puzzles.


The story centers around the player realizing that she/he is stuck in a dream, and that her/his daughter resides - locked - in a deeper part of the dream. With a clear goal in mind, the player goes on a trip through various dream environments to rescue the daughter.


  • Single player text adventure game
  • Created in 8 weeks - at 50% (4 hours/day).
  • Created in Löve Engine
  • Approximately 30 minutes game-time

My Contributions

  • Game Design
  • Assisted my team as SCRUM Master
  • Puzzle Design
  • Level Design
  • Writing story for the game
  • LUA programming

The Team