Name: Tudor Gogan


Phone: +46 760 59 06 41

LinkedIn: /tudor-gogan

Location: Lund, Sweden


Hey there! I'm Tudor, a level designer who currently works as an intern at Sharkmob.


To me, being a designer is all about making a game deliver the greatest experience it possibly can to the player. I've been creating games for the past five years, both in teams and on my own, and have had the opportunity to create game experiences for all kinds of genres of games.


Despite mainly focusing on design, I have a huge interest for scripting, environment art and cutting-edge game development tech. Much of my free time is spent learning everything from sculpting and photogrammetry to scripting advanced character controllers in Unity.


I thrive in environments filled with creative people, and have a strong ambition to one day become part of a team which delivers the greatest games in the world.